Company Analyst
Jefferies Sholto Maconochie
Morgan Stanley Simon Chan
Macquarie David Pobucky
Morgans Fiona Buchanan
Bell Potter Andy MacFarlane

HealthCo Healthcare & Wellness REIT (ASX: HCW) is followed by the analysts listed above. This is not a complete list of every analyst that follows the company’s securities. Only those analysts that have provided their consent to have their details disclosed on this page are listed above. Any opinions, forecasts and estimates regarding HCW's performance made by these analysts are theirs alone and are made independently of HCW. They do not represent opinions, forecasts, estimates or predictions of HCW or its management. HCW does not by its reference to the analyst details above imply its endorsement of or agreement with any information, conclusion or recommendations made by an analyst. HCW does not provide any assurance that information stated in any analyst report is correct.